Futong became IBM’s value-added distributor


The establishment of IBM authorized software and solutions training center


The establishment of IBM storage solutions center


Became Oracle’s value-added distributor


北京富通东方科技有限公司(*Beijing Futong Dongfang Technology Co., Ltd.)
(“Futong Dongfang”) was established


Started the IBM authorized assembly, enterprise solutions and supply chain integration service platform (IBM SDI)


With IBM and Oracle to jointly set up the Power@Grid Center


The establishment of Call Center (phone sales center)


Futong became Huawei's server and storage products value-added distributor


December 4, Futong Technology Development Holdings Limited was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK code:, being an important milestone in the development history of the Futong


富通时代科技有限公司(*Futong Times Technology Co., Ltd.)(“Futong Times”) was established

北京易通东方科技有限公司(*Beijing Etong Dongfang Technology Co. Ltd.) was established


Became Apple’s China regional agent

The establishment of IBM Tivoli technical assistance Center of Excellence (referred to as COE)


Futong Times became SAP’s core strategic partner in China

Futong Dongfang became Oracle’s first Installation Service Partner in China

Futong Times won Huawei’s "digital communication security- level one dealer"

Futong’s training center was established


Since January 1, 2014, Futong Times has become the national general agent of TongTech Co., Ltd., an outstanding domestic middleware vendor in China

Futong established an E-lab for virtual testing and environmental demonstration in Beijing headquarter, the E-lab is a center brings together the testing, demonstration and improving various solutions, at the same time, undertakes technical exchanges and trainings

富通云腾科技有限公司 (*Futong Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.) was established

Futong and 中科曙光(Sugon) officially signed a national agency agreement, Futong became a national general agent of Sugon, and was also the first national general agent after 中科曙光 carried out its customized machine distribution mode

* The English translation of the company name is for reference only. The official name of this entity is in Chinese