Corporate Profile

Futong Technology Development Holdings Limited has been listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on December 4, 2009 (SEHK code: We have spent nearly twenty years in the industry, witnessed the prosperous changes in China's IT era, and shared of fruitful results of the global IT growth.

Futong, has its own capacities in developing of self-branded enterprise IT products, we also have been paying close attention to the global development of information technology and based on the demand and trend of the Chinese market, established strategies on our products and services, participating in the development of series of self-branded core products with owned intellectual property rights : Cloudoors (九门) series of software products, which includes management systems on cloud platform and hybrid clouds, intelligent operation and management system and big data analysis etc., and at the same time, with the in-depth cooperations with the top domestic and foreign IT enterprises to provide relevant technical value-added services and solutions to our enterprise customers. We actively advocated the concept of provision of in-depth and comprehensive value-added services - the big data, business intelligence, data migration, integration of resource pools, virtualization of storage, disaster recovery, system monitoring etc., integrated as the core of our value-added services and solutions.

Futong, with regional centers in more than 20 cities in China, with a huge sales network covers various fields and industries and with more than 300 engineers spread all over China with superb technical skill to provide technical support services on the self-branded products and IT mainstream products and other value-added services, to provide long-term, stable, highly reliable and comprehensive solutions to the customers in different fields and industries: finance, telecommunications, energy, governmental bodies, education and sanitation, transportation, military and small and medium enterprises.

Futong, with extensive relevant experiences, advanced products, reliable services and solutions and support network covering the whole country, has become a trusted and respected Chinese IT enterprise in the eyes of its partners and end-users!